• Welcome to Law Firm “Effendy & Remy” (Attorney and Counselor at Law).


The increasing number of commercial transactions both domestic and trans-boundaries with parties of different nationalities or background, exposing the contracting parties to several potential risks including financial losses and the uncertainties of disputes or litigation in the faraway jurisdictions. This law firm is established as a response to this particular need, with a view to render professional legal services especially in commercial transactions and litigations.

Effendy & Remy (Attorney & Counselor at Law) possesses a wide range of expertise and experiences in practicing of Indonesian laws in various sectors. Each of the partners specializes in distinct but closely related fields which allow this law firm to provide a full range of and efficient legal services to its clients.

In terms of the quality and expertise, its partners and senior lawyers came from prominent and major law firms (in Jakarta) and possess distinguished qualities. The Firm assisted by the dynamic and intelligent young lawyers, graduating from several recognized universities.  Our firm’s day to day operations are designed with various levels of supervisions and quality control to ensure that our products are well drafted and error-free, and the clients’ needs or issues are addressed comprehensively.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and represent you and your company.